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Muhktar Ali Amir Taekwondo instructor

Mukhtar “Ali” Amir

Mr. Ali is a 4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do (Kukkiwon) and has been guiding students of all ages to success in competition. Building on his background in traditional martial arts, Japanese jujitsu, and wrestling, Mr. Ali collaborated with Christian to develop a kids MMA program blending the function of modern sport with the discipline and focus of tradition.

Christian Wellisch

Christian Wellisch

Christian is a U.S. Army Major and veteran, as well as a former UFC® competitor and member of the world-renowned American Kickboxing Academy® fight team, and collegiate wrestler. He has coached kids and professional fighters to success at all levels of MMA and amateur wrestling. Christian collaborated with Ali to develop the Undisputed Kids’ MMA program.

Joshua Downing wrestling coach

Joshua Downing

Joshua has been wrestling since 1997. He is a MBL (Monterey Bay League) Champion as well as CCS (Central Coast Section) Champion. He is a Most Outstanding Wrestler Award from MHS (Monterey High School) and All-American Jr. Greco-Roman (7th place.) He has been coaching high school and youth wrestling since 2003.

Dony Choe

Dony is a black belt in Taekwondo . He has been training Taekwondo since he was thirteen and was honored as a state junior champion in the black belt division. He has also obtained a purple belt with three stripes, in Brazilian Jiujitsu under world champion coach Daniel Thomas. Dony has competed in the U.S. Open and Naga tournaments and received first place. His passion and dedication for these martial arts has led him to becoming a supportive leader and teammate. He has incorporated what he’s learned to give back to his own community by coaching BJJ for kids and adults.

Michelle Gilbert

Michelle Gilbert

Michelle is a U.S. Army Veteran passionate about sports and fitness. She breaks down the "how's & why's" of exercise technique and form. She specializes in functional flexibility and functional strength training, creating individualized training plans, helping increase overall fitness work capacity, and post recovery workout (sleep, nutrition, hydration principles.)