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Children Classes

Taekwondo is an excellent activity for boys and girls. Blue Pacific Taekwondo strives to provide a perfect balance of discipline, patience, and FUN in every class. Our program is designed to teach self-defense skills as well as develop confidence, respect, and focus in all of our kids. The reward will be a healthy child with self confidence, discipline that will serve your child well throughout life.

Adult Classes

Training Taekwondo at Blue Pacific Taekwondo is a great way for men and women to get and stay in top physical condition. Regardless of your age or current abilities, we will work with you to develop self-defense skills. Our program is an excellent way to relieve stress and negative feelings.

Belt Level

From white belt, there are 9 levels to black belt. When your instructor feels you are ready, you will be invited to test for your next level. Your instructor will provide you with your particular belt requirements which include poomse, sparring, self-defense, breaking, and a written essay. Children must provide us with a copy of his or her most recent academic report card. Promotion testing is held quarterly.


We participate in Taekwondo tournaments. We train Olympic style Taekwondo and over the years, our students have won at the local, state and national level.